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The Importance of Signage.

The role of communication is very vital in maintaining and facilitating interactions and ultimately relationships. Critical information that makes people cautious about certain things, makes them informed and aware is done through communication. The modes through which information can be passed are by the use of graphical signs, wads or writings. The meaning of the term signage is simply a form of delivering messages using signs, symbols and marks. These signs are usually aimed at passing information, making an identification, giving warnings and directions to a particular place. Usage of signs is critical in passing information just as other forms are equally vital. Below is a comprehensive analysis of the roles of signs and symbols in communication.

First and foremost, signage is a media of communication and therefore the first role it plays is to communicate. People use different signs as a means of giving information to particular audiences when they do not have to use speech or words. Communication is complete when there is feedback, and that is only possible if the audience understands the signs used by the sender. The signage could either be given directly by a person or could be written or drawn on surfaces. Mostly, people do not solely use words but the follow up with signs. Signage often spices up communication.

To add on that, signs and symbols have often been used in providing directions. People may not be fully aware of where they are supposed to go or which path to follow to get there. Instead of having people to keep giving the directions from time to time which can be very exhausting, the best alternative that can be used is signage. This has been applied mostly on the roads to play this function. People identify certain institutions with certain signs they have used over time. Hospitals, schools, churches and other facilities have specific signs that people can be able to look out for so that they find their directions.

Creating caution and awareness among people is also another vital role of communication using signs and symbols. Warning signs are vital on the roads for drivers and pedestrians to be aware of what’s is ahead so that they can take precaution. For instance, there are signs that one people of bumps, slippery roads, falling rocks, sharp corners and many others so that safety can be enhanced. The importance of this is guaranteeing the safety of individuals using the roads.

Additionally, businesses have used signage to conduct promotion of the products and services. The ways of doing this are through the creation of posters, billboards, and other forms.

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